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On this page you will find books I recommend for pregnancy, birth, postpartum & parenting.

Pregnant Woman in Underwear

Birth Books

Sacred Birthing - Sunni Karll

The Down to Earth Birth Book - Jenni Blyth

Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage - Rachel Reed

10 Moons - Jane Hardwicke Collins

Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering - Dr Sarah Buckley

Give Birth Like A Feminist - Milli Hill

The Positive Birth Book - Milli Hill

Birthing From Within - Pam England

Birth with Confidence - Rhea Dempsey

Unassisted Childbirth - Laura Kaplan Shanley

Home Birth On Your Own Terms - Heather Baker

Well Adjusted Babies - Jennifer Barham- Floreani

Dance of the Womb - Maha Al Musa

What’s Right For Me? Making decisions in pregnancy and childbirth - Dr Sarah Wickham

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year – Susun Weed

Lotus Birth - Shivam Rachana

Placenta The Forgotten Chakra - Robin Lim

The Homeopathic Childbirth Manual - Betty idarius

Postpartum Books

The First 40 Days - Heng Ou

The Fourth Trimester - Kimberley Ann Johnson

The Postnatal Depletion Cure - Dr Oscar Serrellach

Mama Rising Discovering The New You Through Motherhood - Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Newborn Mothers - Julia Jones

Sitting Moon: A Guide to Natural Rejuvination After Pregnancy - Daoshing Ni & Jessica Chen

All Tied Up; How to Keep Boobin' Through a Tongue Tie

Pregnancy Yoga

Parenting Books

The Aware Baby - Aletha Solter

Tears & Tanstrums - Aletha Solter

Helping Young Children Flourish - Aletha Solter

Unconditional Parenting - Alfie Kohn

The Continuum Concept - Jean Liedloff

The Whole-Brain Child - Daniel J Siegal & Tina Payne Bryson

Finding Your Calm: A Responsive Parents Guide to Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation

Raising Resilient & Compassionate Children - Lael Stone & Marion Rose

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