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The placenta is the amazing organ that protected, supported and nourished your baby in the womb.  In many cultures, the placenta is given much respect and honored in a variety of ways.  Some cultures have long traditions of utilizing the placenta medicinally to restore the health and vitality of the mother and to calm and balance the child.   Just as it protected, nourished, supported and sustained its baby, the placenta, when carefully prepared for consumption, can continue its job by supporting lactation, facilitating an easier postpartum recovery, increasing maternal energy, easing life transitions, avoiding postpartum depression.


I treat the encapsulation process as a sacred ritual. The placenta will be revered and honored for its amazing job growing and nurturing your baby, and once encapsulated, you.

Steamed Method  $300

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) is the "original" method of encapsulation - the Chinese believe that after a women gives birth, the balance of heat needs to be restored in the body.  This is also mirrored in the traditional Indian medicine system of Ayurveda.  The placenta is lightly steamed with warming herbs - such as ginger, lemon and ginger.  It is then is dehydrated, ground and put into capsules. 

Raw Method $300

Unlike the Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation of the placenta, when processing a placenta with the raw method the placenta is dehydrated without being steamed. We simply forgo the steaming process and your placenta is dehydrated from raw.  This method required longer dehydrating, but does yield more capsules as the placenta has not 'shrunk' from the steaming process.  There are many debates on which method is superior. In our experience we find the results of both methods to be quite similar. There are pros and cons to each method depending on a woman’s needs, beliefs, and opinions.

Umbilical cord keepsake is included for free for any encapsulation.

Fees are inclusive of pick up of placenta and delivery of capsules within the Gold Coast area only. 

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