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Honoring Our Relationship With Water

Written my Annie Meredith

Founder of HeartRadiance Australian Wild Flower Essences

Water flows, it nourishes us, cleanses, and gives life. Used in ritual and in physical healing through sweat lodges, hydrotherapy and mineral baths, water can also support emotional and mental well-being through vibrational medicines like flower essences. Making up 70% of us, we can say we are mostly water, and so we can be powerfully influenced by it. As one of the 5 elements of nature water is a potent healing medium. Famous water researcher Dr Emoto says that ‘water changes its quality according to the information it takes in’, and it is much more active than we previously thought. The dynamic bonds that make up the chemical formula H20 can respond to the influences of external environment and take up patterns, be it from a substance, a flower, a thought, or an emotion.

Dr Emoto’s work shows water crystals after being exposed to the words below the image.

Water is a perfect medium for transmitting the subtle healing energies of flowers. In the creation of flower essences water is used as a matrix carrying the energetic blueprint of a flower’s qualities. Considered vibrational medicine, the flower essences transmit this subtle healing energy as a message to the human psyche, gently shifting patterns and resolving stuck emotions.

“Water is the most perfect traveler because when it travels it becomes the path itself!”

As a medium for HeartRadiance flower essences:

  • We use water as a transporter of a flower’s energy and healing messages throughout our bodies.

  • We use the essential qualities water to remind us of our ability to change, to flow, to become more self-aware.

  • We use water to gently erode emotional barriers keeping us stuck, like a stream rounds the hard edges of a stone.

When we connect more deeply with the element of water, we also connect with the nourishing, life-giving and flowing qualities within ourselves. We can connect with the healing power of water in many ways:

  • Take a course of HeartRadiance Flower Essences to get in touch with your needs, encouraging shifts in patterns of thought, beliefs and feelings that no longer serve:

  • Immerse yourself in water by taking an invigorating cold shower to give you ‘angelic protection’ by closing your pores to strengthen your aura, experience the sensory deprivation of a float tank or have a hydrotherapy session. Go for an ocean swim, lay in a creek, swim laps in a pool and follow the meditative black line at the bottom.

  • Create water Gratitude labels, sticking them to the outside of your water bottle thus blessing and changing the very structure of the water you drink.

  • Play it forward with charity water, a non-profit organisation that funds clean drinking water for those who don’t have access:

  • Transform your drinking water by using an alkalising water filter such as Zazen:

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