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Naomi is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor specialising in traditional healing knowledge for women’s health especially on the reproductive, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Women thrive with support during the transitions of pregnancy and motherhood. Allow me to offer my combined 20 years of professional health and wellness experience as a Holistic Nurse and Traditional Medicines Doctor.
will work with you to create your vision in your Pregnancy, Birth and Yin Sanctuary – Slow Postpartum planning.

Gentle Traditions draws from a rich well of knowledge to support each women’s journey as she weaves a unique experience of the deep internal knowing she carries within the cycles of:


  • teenage, menstrual and coming of age

  • fertility and preconception

  • pregnancy

  • childbirth preparation

  • postnatal

  • breastfeeding

  • mothering

  • menopause


  • Acupuncture and moxibustion

  • Taoist Yoga, Breathing and Qi Gong for pregnancy birth and postpartum

  • Mindfulness, meditation, movement and deep listening

  • Birth education

  • Traditional medicine pregnancy and postpartum care class

  • Doula support (exclusive to 4 women per year)

  • Gentle Traditions: Yin sanctuary – slow postpartum consultant

  • Postpartum nutrition education and meal preparation or delivery

  • Womb hara massage

  • Energetic and physical closing ritual

  • Women’s circles and workshops

  • Movement for birth preparation

  • Unlocking ancestral knowledge

  • Referral to industry experts and specialists

  • Support for midwives and birth workers;

  • Available for retreats; interviews and information days

I am a Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC) and former Midwife of twenty years. I live in the Gold Coast with my partner & two young children. I am here to help you solve your breastfeeding hurdles.

I believe that the mother baby relationship is the most important one of all. Its closeness and togetherness shapes us and also the society around us. Breastfeeding is a huge part of this relationship and it is to be nurtured, because its not always an easy skill to master!

I am super passionate about babies being nurtured with their mothers milk which is exclusively composed for them - by YOU - as an individual source of energy exchange, nutrition and love . I see breastfeeding a little differently to other consultants and provide insight into the actual root of the problem you may have, so we can solve it together in its entirety and for the longevity of your breastfeeding journey.

You see when I consult with you, it is about looking at the whole picture, both or ‘all’ of you together.

I also want to know what is going on for you as a breastfeeding woman, not only physically but also emotionally. all of these thins matter in your breastfeeding and transition to motherhood journey. I also look at what is going on for your baby (ies) in themselves and also within the breastfeeding relationship. It is a ‘discovery’ process.

I prefer a hands off non interventional approach allowing you to learn with my gentle guidance. I give you the information and you can choose how to use it for yourself.

Together we will navigate the hurdles and work out a plan.

I have experience in all the possible breastfeeding problems including mastitis, under or oversupply, latch issues, tongue tie and much more besides.

You can see me at home, in the clinic or virtually. Wherever I see you I provide a ‘safe space’ to relax.

All your appointments are confidential and provide you with individualised care since, I believe that every breastfeeding journey is unique.

In Jana’s words:

I believe in the innate healing capacity of our bodies. The human body is incredible; it is always working for you to its best capacity.

My passion is guiding families to raise healthy children, and for over 15 years I have focused on adjusting pregnant women, babies and young children (but I do adjust the rest of the family too). I love helping parents understand their child, and what is happening in their brain and body.

I may seem very calm, but there is a lot going on in my head. The style of adjusting I use is similar - it may seem gentle but there is a lot going on in the nervous system. I utilise NOT (Neural Organisation Technique), SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique), NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), and Webster (for pregnancy care).

Jana is also a German New Medicine practitioner, using your symptoms as a guide to uncover the underlying stresses causing your issues.

Located on the beachfront at world-famous Kirra beach, Co-Habitat is a shared wellness space servicing the Tweed and Gold Coast. We are devoted to all aspects of your health and well-being, and are passionate about providing holistic, nurturing and supportive services to help you on your path to wellness. All our practitioners work with pre and postnatal clients and their families, and have many years experience in supporting you through this special time.

Immerse yourself in our wide range of offerings which include: Yoga & pilates, massage,  chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, holistic pelvic care, midwifery services, lactation services, birth support and education, psychology & reiki.

Nicola brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to inform her work, with the foundation of genuine compassion and integrity.

An experienced Psychologist of over 18 years working in private practice, she works on the Gold Coast at Co-Habitat in Kirra and in Northern NSW at Living Well Psychology and Counselling. Nicola also has an on-line practice to support her global clients and those unable to attend sessions in person. In Australia she is registered to support Medicare rebates.

Nicola supports clients to build their own toolkit of techniques, strategies and tools, along with new insights, so that they can use these throughout their entire life, building trust in their own abilities to support themselves.

Kate - Little Yarrow - Naturopath

Kate is a naturopath and Auyvedic Postpartum Doula.  She uses herbal medicine, nutrition and traditional practices to support mothers to prepare for postpartum and beyond with an east meets west approach and a whole lot of heart and passion.  Kate supports mums to prepare for the fourth trimester (the first 40 days after childbirth) and well into the early years of motherhood, helping them to achieve optimal healing and recovery, receive breastfeeding support as well as treatment for mood disorders, chronic exhaustion and hormonal issues.

Kate works with women worldwide in her online 1:1 sessions as well as in the group programs that I run several times a year.

Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage and Baby Massage Classes on the Gold Coast are our specialty. Maternal Grounding supports, empowers and nurtures pregnant women, new mums and their babies with healing massage, holistic therapies and wellness, enabling deep healing and grounding.  Our team is expertly trained and experienced in pregnancy, labour and postnatal massage therapy as well as many other holistic therapies including reflexology, acupressure and reiki.  Using our knowledge and experience combined with our intuitive healing gifts and a deep heartfelt desire to nurture women, sessions with are a truly sacred and holistic experience.

our services provide natural fertility, pregnancy, birthing & all things around life and family support through acupuncture & chinese medicine, kinesiology, massage, reiki/energy healing, herbalism & flower essence therapy, holistic counselling, psychology & psychotherapy, wellbeing coaching, psychic healing & soul readings, childbirth education, birth doulas, holistic birth classes, as well as holistic movement practices including yoga & pilates (suitable for preconception, prenatal, postpartum & mamas & bubs), pelvic floor support, connection circles & so much more to come.  Our values are simple ~ to care for ourselves, our children & our planet. we believe the more aware & awakened our mothers & families become, the more conscious children will enter our world as pioneers to support the ongoing wellness of our planet. Our practices are grounded in conscious thinking & action in support of the highest good of all beings.  With love & compassion woven into everything we do we are here to serve our community so we may all be kinder, walk lighter & shine brighter. 

Prema is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Integrative Womb Hara Massage Therapist, and Sacred Birth & Postpartum Doula.

Currently, Prema is under apprenticeship with traditional medicine practitioner - Dr Naomi Jansson, who specialises in the journey of conception-pregnancy-birth-postpartum, through the predominant modality of Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture, whilst combining various other wisdom healing modalities. Prema has been attending births as a doula for the past year and offering full spectrum traditional postpartum care. 

Prema has the capacity to intuitively work and table offerings of different possibilities. Meeting with authenticity and sincerity she would be honoured to connect with you through her diverse offerings. 

The Light House Currumbin is a beautiful old Queenslander created with the intention to support women and families on their birth journey by offering alternative therapies & supported pre-and both post birth care. There is something for dad’s, mums and the women as well as a space to hire for your own personal event circle or soirée.

Services include: Hypnobirthing, birth & postpartum doula servives, pregnancy & postpartum massage, Mother Blessing ceremonies, pregnancy yoga, Closing the Bones ceremonies & venue hire.

My own pregnancy journeys have continuously led me towards so much personal growth and lessons learned, that pregnancy, birth and postpartum is not only a huge passion of mine but one that is SO important and not emphasised enough in the Western world. I have made it my mission to guide women to their innate wisdom and power through food and sharing information, stories and community..
When our son was born in 2018, as a new mumma, doing her best to nourish herself & newborn, I couldn't help but notice the lack of nourishing, organic and healing prepared meals for new mumma's in their 4th trimester. The first 40 days postpartum is such an imperative bonding and healing time, where we need to focus on us and our new babies. Not to mention if you already have a tribe in your home, having that important bonding time can be truly affected by the hungry demands of everyday life.
My love and passion for food started at a young age and I have ALWAYS loved hosting parties and cooking up a nourishing feast for family and friends. My family heritage is Greek Cypriot and I have always felt a deep connection to my elders of the villages in Cyprus and that strong connection to the land, food, family and community.

The Village Mumma is not just about filling bellies, it's about the journey of flavours, the nourishing of your soul, supporting you with information to make health conscious decisions in all aspects of life, the bringing together of people and most importantly supporting you in postpartum, parenting and life and guiding you on your pregnancy journey to trust your intuition and innate wisdom, your DEEP knowing that lives within us all.

The villages always have that mumma that they can turn to for nourishment and support and I feel honoured you have come to me to nourish and empower you and your family. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I look forward to nourishing your bellies & souls!

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